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What is Malware? February 13, 2018

You may hear the word “Malware” often – but do you know what it means? Malware is malicious software which was written with the intent of doing harm.

There are several types of Malware. Here’s a few common kinds to watch out for:

Viruses attach themselves to files. They can spread from one file to the next and damage your system’s functionality. They generally appear as an executable (.exe) file.

Trojans are disguised as legitimate software – think Trojan horse. It can invade your system and create openings for other malware to get in.

Spyware is software designed to spy on users. Spyware can track what your doing online, including your passwords or credit card numbers.

Ransomware, or Scareware, can lock up your computer and threaten to destroy the system if a ransom isn’t paid to the owner of the software.

Adware isn’t always malicious, but it can get aggressive when it comes to serving ads to a user. Sometimes, it finds loopholes in your security to serve ads to you which can cause further issues. Plus, those ads can be really annoying.

Do you think you’ve got malware on your computer? Do you want help ensuring you don’t end up with any? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 308-534-1500 or stop by Integrated Computer Systems at 121 S. Chestnut, on the corner of B and Chestnut.

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